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Pretty Girls and Fast Horses
Cheyenne and Slammer at the San Antonio Rose Palace. Cheyenne took 1st Place in the Open Class (All ages) includung the BIG GIRLS! 89 Entries, Cheyenne was runner number 88. Defining it ain't over 'till it's over.
About GBAcres
GBAcres is the 50 Acre homesite of Glynn Jr., Betsy, Cheyenne and Colt Parent. We are currently developing the property into a horse and cattle farm. 20 acres are chopped and ready for planting bermuda grass pasture this fall. There will be two catfish ponds approximately 3/4 acre each. About 1-1/2 acres is being set aside for a baseball field. If it sounds like a lot of work, you're right.
Colt behind the plate hanging in tough!
This is a machine pitch league in Needville, Texas. Colt plays catcher for 2 innings. He than plays multiple infield positions. Behind the plate highlights include hanging on to third strike foul tips. Defensively in the field he once got three unassisted put outs in one inning.

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